Artists I like and am inspired by.

Robert Ryman


Robert Mangold


Mario Ybarra Jr


John Baldessari


Mark Bradford


Dionne Simpson


Charles Simic



Heavy mirror carried

Across the street,

I bow to you

And to Everything that appears in you,


And never again the same way:

This street with its pink sky,

Row of gray tenements,

A lone dog,

Children on rollerskates,

Woman buying flowers,

Someone looking lost.

In you, mirror framed in gold

And carried across the street

By someone I can’t even see,

To whom, too, I bow.

Artists that inspire me

Tauba Auerbach

Sol Lewitt

Lynda Benglis

Margie Livingston

Linda Bessemer

Lyrics for today’s song of the day.

Lyrics for today’s song of the day.

by Eddie Aispuro

I tried to upload a song last night but couldn’t upload until today because of software issues.  Tumblr has a 24hr 1 song upload limit so it looks like new songs will be posted at approximately 7am at the earliest.  Let’s see how long I can do this.


Why would I do this?  I don’t know why I would submit myself to the torture of writing and recording a song a day (I’m taking weekends off) but I thought it would be fun to try.  The songs that I post will all be original songs written by me.  I realize that writing a song a day will produce bad, mediocre, and (every once in a while) good songs.  Enjoy listening to my audio sketchbook.

-Eddie Aispuro